Construction & Real Estate

Although the continuity in growth for Construction & Real Estate industry has been interrupted due to recent uncertainties in global economic climate, the long-term demand outlook is expected to drive significant growth in Capital Spending Trends.

This industry in particular currently faces increasingly large and complex projects, shorter turnaround times and rich digital handover requirements. Over and above, the increased competition and volatility in material prices has forced the margin constrained Construction & Real Estate industry to look at technology as an enabler to bring efficiencies and meet customers’ expectations.

Since we have strong real time domain experience in this industry we understand our customer's business challenges such as

  • Achieving Real time collaboration across multi-location Construction Projects
  • Increasing pressures to deliver Sustainable Design and Construction solution with long term benefits
  • Manual Monitoring of Work and Progress
  • Delivering the Digital Asset
  • Delivering projects within shorter schedules
  • Cost pressures resulting in more outsourcing to high-efficiency engineering centers
  • Sharing of Engineering Data (Facility Lifecycle Data) effectively across globally distributed teams and stakeholders
  • Coordination, collaboration and communication among widely dispersed teams
  • Lack of centralized data management
  • Increasing cost pressures forcing the project engineering partners to outsource more tasks to high-efficiency engineering centers

With this thorough industry expertise we assist our customers to achieve global and integrated project execution with increased efficiencies and higher visibility across their projects. Our domain specific solutions around Integrated Project Management help our customers to lower their risks while ensuring better cost control and improved margins.

Our strong domain experience of working with global majors across Oil & Gas, Mining and Utilities also enables us to assist our customers, in meeting the project Owner’s expectations during capital project execution. We also enable multisite, multidiscipline virtual collaboration through our collaboration room solutions. In addition to the industry specific solutions, our transformational Enterprise service offerings around Procurement, material, warehouse, Finance & Accounts, project management, EPC and HR can help bring process improvements and standardization with lowered operating costs and added efficiencies.

We in real time partner with Infrastructure companies, real estate owners, operators and investors to help them optimize their technology investments and reduce costs, leveraging best-in-class technologies.

Apart from providing solutions and services designed to meet your organization needs, we can also partner with you to deliver Plant IT, Communication Infrastructure and Operational Systems for your capital projects including Irrigation canals, Dams, Over sea bridges, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Airports, Ports etc.

Our Expertise

  • Design & Detailed Engineering
  • SAP C&RE sector service offerings
  • RFID installation and integration with SAP
  • Facility Lifecycle Information Management
  • Asset Management Solutions
  • Collaboration and Document Management
  • Mobile Integration with Business Intelligence in Web Portals
  • Project Management Solutions
  • C&RE Operations & Quality Management Consulting