Governments are in the midst of a radical transformation in the way their business gets done. For one thing, governments are realizing the need to increase the productivity of their public services and introduce more "citizen-focused" solutions.

Data lies at the heart of both operations and policy making.

e- Governance presents a Government with the opportunity to re-think how it delivers services while emphasizing on the use of information technology in service delivery. The implementation of e-Governance requires strategy benchmarked on global best practices and strong leadership and vision.

For e-Governance to become a reality, Regulatory Frameworks for Administrative Reforms needs to be developed in consultation with stakeholders. These frameworks should articulate the vision, targets and milestones, and standards for e-Governance. Such frameworks must address information privacy, security, maintenance, and interface standards.

Government agencies have a mission to implement cost-effective, yet comprehensive, IT infrastructure. But unlike their private sector counterparts, government entities face the unique challenges of public oversight, budget appropriation, and national security.

ICT is the ultimate tool to re-engineer government processes, transform governance to a citizen centric service provider, where the citizens and government maximize their benefits. ICT simplifies the government processes altogether, change the concept of governance, and thereby transform the relationship between government and citizens from better relations to increased visibility.

We at Traita, design-develop applications & integrate systems that help our customers who are Central & State Governments, Ministries, Nodal Agencies, various departments of the perspective ministries where such integrations serve their internal automation needs, provide a common medium between them and all their allied and nodal agencies spread over the country, provide platform for the public interfaces, provide a public friendly interface without compromising the procedures, policies, security aspects of the Government & related Agencies.

We do engage in consulting engagements such as defining Vision & Objectives, Identification & Analysis of potential Processes, Documentation & data consolidation, Integration and Automization of the processes, Work flow improvements.

Our Expertise

  • Web Based Service, information, and Public Interaction Portals
  • E-Commerce services
  • SAP public sector service offerings
  • Imaging, document management, and workflow
  • Data conversion, data migration, and data warehousing
  • Application development, maintenance, and support
  • Land Record Management & Digitization
  • IT infrastructure management and operations
  • IT staff augmentation
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO)