ERP Human Capital Management

AP HCM projects, generally, are a big challenge for the company as a whole. The HR related processes affects a diversity of operational functions, e.g. finance dept. for the correct allocation of personnel cost to cost centers or cost units, or production for the integration of plant data collection or shift planning.

They also cut through all employee levels, e.g. access processes, time recording, performance appraisals or the booking of continuing education.

Considering the multitude of participants in the project and parties concerned by the project as well as the variance with regard to “concern”, ERP HCM may well be considered a complex structure. For your project success, which in our opinion will be measured by the acceptance of the ERP HCM system and the processes carried out in this system you should, therefore, opt for the right consultancy partner.

We understand the challenges involved, e.g. concerning data history, process transformations and integration to other functional ERP modules. With us both implementation as well as operation of your ERP HCM system is in the best of hands with us.

We are your right partner when it comes to ERP HCM. We help you to manage your client’s requirements as well as mastering the complexity of your HR structures and processes. Our established Change Management approach accompanies this transformation process in your organization. It is our goal to take your HR processes and your HR organization to the next level of effectiveness, efficiency and quality.

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