Health Care

We believe that effective healthcare management requires facilitation, collaboration and the use of new tools and communication channels to create a consumer-centric environment conducive to care management.

Our solutions are focused on improving the quality of care while helping to curb rising healthcare costs. This is accomplished by providing better patient reach out & engagement, adoption of evidence based practice management and care co-ordination, collaboration through appropriate use of information technology across the care continuum.

We provide services and regulatory compliant solutions to the Healthcare Industry.

Our teams of clinical, business and technology subject matter experts provide end to end services in areas such as consulting, electronic medical records, practice management, telemedicine, package implementation, systems integration, application development and maintenance, testing services, business process outsourcing and infrastructure support services.

We have translated all our experience into service offerings that provide immense value to our clients.

Some of these offerings are deliberately broad in nature and some of them are focused on solving specific challenges faced by our clients.

Our Healthcare service offerings

  • Increase operational efficiency by facilitating seamless flow of information across application and process boundaries.
  • Make information available in real time wherever it is needed and in a convenient format.
  • Provide decision-making ability to all stakeholders based on precise information and analytics.
  • Build a collaborative network encompassing internal and external stakeholders

Our Expertise

  • HIMS – Healthcare Information Management Systems
  • SAP Healthcare service offerings
  • RFID installation and integration with SAP
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Hospital Operations Management & Quality consulting