Ports face several new challenges requiring them to meet demands for sophisticated data communication solutions. No longer content with just handling their cargo, customers increasingly expect ports to be sophisticated at handling their data.

They also expect ports to have the most sophisticated data technology available to handle the way they move data around the terminal.

The challenges and opportunities for seaports today are extraordinary. Ports of all sizes and types can expect to undergo radical change that reflects both the revolutions in the way global commerce is being conducted, and the increasing demands for secure trade and a healthy environment.

With over 90% of world trade channeled through ports, efficient and effective port operations management is a critical requirement to maintain strong customer relations and port reputation. Seaports around the world face many modern operational challenges and to ensure the highest level of service, ports require intensive port operational planning and set procedures. Legislative and corporate regulation, port security, and logistics are only a few of the challenges that must be addressed on a daily basis. In addition, ports require intricate risk management functions to ensure that accidents are avoided, and if they do happen, the proper response is available.

Port operations involve a complex system of interrelationships. Companies compete for business while sharing space and various technologies. As a result of this, a totally different ERP system should be built inorder to communicate and exchange information without losing data. In order to achieve this operational efficiency, Ports worldwide have starting adopting EPMS. By mapping, managing, and executing processes using Traita's EPMS port authorities are better able to handle today’s challenges.

Mapping port operations leads to a greater understanding of how traffic is handled and resources are used. Often, Port Authority Operators believe they have a full understanding of port processes because of their years of experience. In reality, the heightened level of understanding that is achieved through process discovery allows managers to make better use of existing resources and expand operations with a low level of risk.

Enterprise Port Management Solution (EPMS) is an integrated Port solution from Traita that handles vessel and cargo movement activities in and out of the port. EPMS enables its users to face these challenges in multiple ways. Many advantages are offered through its ERP, Accounting, CRM, and Ecommerce end-to-end workflow. The command and control it provides for traffic, security and communications make EPMS Management an ideal choice for a complete seaport IT management solution. For better decision-making the system provides users with real time information about vessel arrival / departure, port facilities management, cargo & logistics information, gate operations, etc. The objective of the application is to get the highest competitiveness by maximizing the work efficiency, enabling effective usage of port facilities and achieving customer satisfaction by high quality service. It also provides you with various enterprise based functional, operational & management modules with seamless integration & interoperability.

The key features include

  • Marine & Cargo Operations
  • Vessel Traffic Management
  • Incident Management
  • Port Security Management
  • Communications Management
  • Financial Management
  • E-Commerce Management
  • Full Services Accounting
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • End to End Workflow Automization