Media & Entertainment

Rapidly evolving Technology platforms, emerging business trends have led to the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry being continually overhauled to step up to the expectations of their highly aware consumers and upcoming competition from varied sectors.

M&E corporations are facing deep-rooted changes that are reshaping the industry. The rapid evolution of technology, the shift of power to the consumer, data democratization, the emergence of new content formats, and a plethora of emerging devices are forcing companies to embrace innovative new operating models and IT platforms just to stay in the race.

An exponential growth of online media users is challenging the established business models for media and information services companies and creating new revenue opportunities.

With a constantly refreshing queue of infotainment channels fulfilling diverse preferences of the market and customer the need for strategically advanced technological solutions to cross-leverage assets, improvise business process, and enhance the visibility of revenue streams is high.

Helping the M&E Companies transition smoothly to the e-Age, develop deeper customer insight, optimize operations and revitalize core functionality to fuel innovation is exactly where Traita steps in.

Traita’s comprehensive suite of solutions in the vital areas of broadcasting, online gaming, online voting, publishing and content processing are customizable to meet our customers’ business requirements. Our customers benefit from our cutting-edge services to go beyond the challenges of artistic excellence in a shorter time to market. Our customers leverage their business with our content management and distribution solutions, and media delivery infrastructure comprising of media apps and managed services expertise.

Our Expertise

  • Content Management System
  • CRM and personalization
  • Online Gaming & Voting
  • Viewer & Revenue Analytics
  • Mobility
  • Digital supply chain re-engineering
  • SAP IS-Media service offerings