Oil & Gas

The booming Oil and Gas (O&G) industry is a foundation for a wide broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology for finding and producing petroleum reserves. The ability to see clearly, think clearly, and progress clearly is a crucial requirement for any O&G company.

O&G companies have very distinctive, complicated procedures and varied requirements. The O&G industry is responsible for a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology for finding and producing petroleum reserves. Yet back-office processes typically operate on more mature systems.

The current global O&G markets are standing at crossroads. The big themes that dominated the opening years of the century are giving way to a different set of concerns centered on inequality, affordability, regulation and techniques for extracting oil and gas from tight rock formations and ever-deeper below the surface areas.

A snapshot of different challenges the industry is poised at are

  • Highly volatile price of crude and low retail margins make investing large capital exceedingly risky
  • Vastly different qualities of crude and long supply chains make scheduling of refinery an extremely complicated operation.
  • Complex trading and stringent regulatory guidelines add another dimension to the complexity.

Traita Technologies combines end-to-end IT services, industry-proven O&G solutions and expertise to help organizations create cost-effective infrastructures that reduce costs and reach new levels of efficiency. We have hands on SAP Oil & Gas implementation experience working on big bang SAP implementation projects to large scale upgrades & enhancements for large middle-East and south East Asian oil production companies.

Through our rich industry and technology expertise we provide proven integrated supply chain solutions for the O&G industry integrating all business stages such as exploration, production, Quality testing, packaging, transportation, refining, distribution, sales and marketing, that is both downstream and upstream processes.

Our Expertise

  • SAP IS Oil & Gas - Upstream & Downstream service offerings
  • Portals and content management solutions
  • Analytics
  • RFID Asset Tracking and integration with SAP.