The Retail sector has re-invented itself time and again to cope with the ever increasing challenges posed by the globalization and liberalization process of commerce.

Retail and Distribution forms a vital link in the supply chain management and has ceased to be just a simple intermediary nexus between the manufacturer and the retailer/consumer. It is not limited to the FMCG vertical but also for Trade, Hotels and restaurants, Storage and communication, Real estate sectors as well.

Globally this industry faces some tough challenges in business due to increased competition which drives down prices, and customers who demand higher returns and more value for their money. It is essential to obtain complete data visibility, in order to remain competitive and curb the drive. Data visibility helps the organizations increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, manage customer and supplier relationship, and offer value-added services.

Retail and Distribution functionalities form the mainstay of many business organizations.

The business processes are converted to core modules such as warehouse management, supply chain management, Suppliers relationship management, finance management, operations management, sales quotation, procurement management, order management, deliveries receipt, sale analysis, and documentation. With the dawn of modernization in the Web space, Retail industry today has an advantage to tap in on the lost opportunities in sales and connect efficiently with both manufacturers and retailers. At the moment, the focus is more on marketing and merchandising with the help of technology to have strong business-to-business (B2B) integration systems. Most retailers have recognized the importance of B2B markets and are ready to utilize software solutions to maintain and improve their relation with suppliers and customers.

Our solutions are designed to tighten the reins in all aspects of the supply chain to create an efficient workflow for the organization and in the process create happy clients.

Our Competency

Traita's tailor-made solutions facilitate adaptation of best business practices as well as inculcating newer technologies accepted by the industry. It enables the back-office to work more effectively, helps improve customer service, empowers the sales team to keep an eye on the latest trends, and manage order profitability.

Our solution leverages a distinct combination of expertise, technology and knowledge services that delivers all the benefits of integrated business application and decision making-tools, enabling the organization to focus on its core competencies, gain efficiency and reduce cost. It also offers an unprecedented range of monitoring, trending, forecasting, reporting, and analyzing capabilities within a single architecture to allow everyone to make better business decisions every day, and drive business performance goals.

Our Expertise

  • E-Retailer – On premises as well as Cloud based ERP specific to Retail Industry
  • SAP Retail service offerings
  • RFID & GPS installation and integration with ERP
  • E-Commerce & Web Portal Applications with Mobile & Analytics Integration
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Social Retailing & Virtual Enterprise Branding
  • Supply chain re-engineering
  • Retail Training